Party lines on coalition posturing

As parties ramp up the posturing on possible coalition deals, sign up for our pre-election breakfast event.

With Parliament entering its final week, the last few days have seen the parties ramp up the posturing on possible post-election coalition deals.

Alex Salmond told Andrew Marr that a ‘vote-by-vote arrangement’ with a minority Labour government is the most likely result.

Miliband has since accused him of ‘a combination of bluster and bluff’, and claimed that Salmond would not be involved in writing a Labour Budget ‘in a million years’.

SNP Deputy Leader Stewart Hosie has in turn accused Miliband of ‘losing the plot’ over the Labour leader’s claim that the SNP are in ‘an unholy alliance’ with the Conservatives to keep them in government.

Boris Johnson has taken a characteristically uncompromising  line on possible talks about power-sharing, arguing his party should say ‘stuff coalition with anyone’, or run the risk that ‘otherwise people don’t know what they are voting for’.

A similar view, although perhaps for different reasons, came from Lord David Steel, who has said the Lib Dems need to ‘recharge their batteries’ rather than face another five years’ of coalition – although he left the door open to a confidence and supply arrangement.

And as for UKIP, their part in this little piece of maskirovka over the weekend was somewhat overshadowed by negative stories about candidates. Did yesterday’s launch of the party’s economic policy help reset the agenda?

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