Top of the Trolls

Weber Shandwick tracks the negative sentiment on Twitter towards key politicians in the run up to #GE2015.

David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, they’ve all suffered at the hand of the Internet troll.

Trolls can be destructive, callous and absurd. They delight, inflame and expose in equal measure.

United by a disdain for slick rick politicians and ‘the establishment’, the troll is the natural enemy of the political classes.

Over the next few months Weber Shandwick will be tracking the effect of these dangerous creatures on a selection of our top 11 UK politicians to watch as they fight for the public’s affection in the run-up to May.

* Negative Twitter Sentiment tracked using Sentiment 140, one of the pre-eminent free sentiment trackers on the web.

Here’s a few key findings from this week’s scores at the doors:

1. A bad week for the Tories

The trolls have been tough to the Tories this week, showing more anger and contempt for the PMs leader questions on Thursday than his chief opponent. There’s 9 points between Mr.Cameron and Mr. Miliband on our troll-o-meter this week.

2. The rise of SNPers

The SNP supporters are famously passionate and vocal, and they are clearly doing a good job as their leader Nicola Sturgeon fights for power in Holyrood. She only scored 6 points on this weeks  troll-o-meter, 14 points below her Labour rival, Jim Murphy.

3. Nick Clegg keeps his head down

Leadership debates are famously a time for the public to vent their frustration and anger they feel towards their political representatives online. Knowing this, Mr. Clegg has subtlety kept his head down this week and played it safe.