Campaign of the Week

Each week we take a look at a campaign that’s caught our eye.

Don’t Believe Me? Just Watch

This week’s campaign of the week gives the Lib Dems credit for chutzpah, or cojones as Miriam González Durántez describes it. The Lib Dems a few days back subbed in Nick Clegg for Bruno Mars. Yes, they made their own Cassetteboy-style mashup version of ‘Uptown Funk’.

It’s just over a minute long, and is fairly light on the policy. We learn that according to the Lib Dems neither the Conservatives nor Labour can run the country. They get across their key message of a stronger economy and a fairer society. And we also learn that they should maybe spend a bit more on video editing.

But hey, the Lib Dems got 300,000 people to watch their video. David Cameron’s (very close-up) video introducing the Conservatives’ YouTube Channel and their long-term economic plan managed just 17,000.

But Nick Clegg’s video has 3,200 dislikes, versus 1,200 likes. Ouch. Don’t believe me? Just watch.