Campaign of the Week

Each week we take a look at a campaign that’s caught our eye. This week, it’s the Greens who take the honours.

Every week it seems a new party dabbles in music. This week, the Greens have released their ‘outdated boyband parody’ (according to the Guardian) with (actors playing) David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, and Nigel Farage forming a ‘bizarre pro-austerity boyband’ (according to the Daily Mail).The video is the Green Party’s attempt to ride some of the ‘they’re all the same sentiment’ to discourage tactical voting from those disillusioned with Labour and the Liberal Democrats. There’s some policy in there – attacks on immigration controls proposed by the four featured parties and on privatisation of public assets.


The Greens do not neglect subtlety. In the middle segment of the number, they show Ed Miliband being wooed by the other three leaders, and Ed prevaricating – a reminder both to vote Green instead of tactically Labour, and that the Greens believe Labour is the least of the ‘four evils.’ Message received.

You’d have to say that Ed Miliband will be best pleased with his appearance – the actor playing the Labour leader has a distinct advantage in looks, according to reliable sources. For some reason, the actor playing David Cameron looks more like Ken Clarke than the PM, but central casting had limited options.

Anyway, the Greens got 265,243 votes in 2010. This video has gotten 367,000 views so far. All publicity…