The 2015 Manifesto Quiz

Here is our top ten off-the-wall policies from this year’s manifestos. But how many do you recognize?

And that’s the end of manifesto week. After months of strategising, late nights, and fierce internal bickering, the policy teams can breathe a sigh of relief. No one died, no one made too obvious a spelling mistake, and thankfully no one’s policies angered the British public too much. In short, it was all fairly successful. Labour even found time to embed a clever little graphic in the html of the web version of their document. Nifty, but probably not a vote winner.

How about the policies themselves? Well there’s a little here for everyone. Want a better paid job? Labour will raise your wage to at least £8 an hour, and the Tories will remove your income tax. How about buying your own home? Labour will subsidise 200,000 new homes a year, whilst the Tories will dramatically extend the right to buy scheme. What about a better NHS ? The parties are veritably cuing up to win your vote. Even UKIP, the unsuspecting hero of public services, is promising an extra £3bn a year for our ailing health service.

All very sensible you might say. However, despite the sensible, austere policies, there are still a few eccentric gems hidden away for the eager hunter. Included perhaps to satisfy the party fringes, some of them are subtly genius, others, unapologetically outrageous. But can you guess which party they came from?

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