Campaign of the Week

Each week we take a look at a campaign that’s caught our eye. This week, register to vote.

Mouths Sewn Shut

(Image source: Philip Halling)

This week’s campaign of the week focuses on young people in advance of the looming deadline to register to vote. It’s a couple minutes long, but hits hard. The video depicts rather glum and grim young people, using their daily activities as a metaphor for the issues they face – studying for education, pondering estate agent signs in reference to the housing crisis, and protesting, as a demographic that has struggled to punch its political weight. But all their mouths are sewn shut. Why? Because they don’t vote, the video argues.

It ends with a piece to camera from a young man saying ‘they want you to feel that you don’t have a voice. You do.’ Then on the screen ‘don’t give up your voice. Register to vote now.’ Worthy advice.

The video has 633 views, but today received national coverage. Not bad for a director who does not have a website yet. And it’s a worthy cause – 800,000 people have dropped off the electoral register since the end of 2013.