Celebrities, Twitter and #GE2015

Here’s our round up of the top 10 examples of celebrities voicing their opinion on the #GE2015

(Image source: The Telegraph)

Every election throws up a surprisingly celebrity endorsement or presence and this election has been no different. Except for one thing – social media. Here are 10 tweets that show you what celebrities have been up to in the run up to #GE2015:

1. Sol Campbell does not like Ed Miliband

2. Nor does Katie

3. But Martin Freeman does

4. Joey Barton has trust issues:

5. Every day is a school day for Joey Essex who learnt that it is “liberal democrats not liberal demo-cats”

6. Joan Collins has been getting to the heart of the matter:

7. Rik Edwards has been a surprise hero in getting out the youth vote:

8. Mariella Frostrup was undecided, but may now be decided:

9. Russell Brand doesn’t think voting changes anything. But he still likes talking about politics.

10. 2020 may be even better