Campaign of the Week

Each week we take a look at a campaign that’s caught our eye. This week, #Milifandom takes the stage.


This week’s campaign of the week acknowledges that even a reasonably predictable General Election campaign can surprise us. When #Milifandom first emerged last week, it seemed like a joke. You may also argue that the decision to start selling #Milifandom merchandise was an ironic demonstration of the Conservative entrepreneurial spirit.

But now there is a video (much more skilfully produced than the Lib Dems’ rendering of Uptown Funk) which pairs eminently sound ex-Telegraph journalist Peter Oborne with a Bonnie Tyler soundtrack. That impressed us. Bonnie’s appearances are interspersed with sceptical analysis from Adam Boulton and some of Ed’s greatest hits – ‘hell yeah I’m tough enough’, that hen-do in Chester, the list goes on – rebutting the familiar charges of awkwardness, geekiness, and weakness.

It reaches its peak perhaps with the tones of Peter Oborne, praising Miliband for being the most effective Leader of the Opposition since Clement Attlee, preventing Britain from intervening in Syria, and standing up to the press and irresponsible capitalists. Praise from an unexpected corner often sounds the sweetest to the ears. And as the #Milifandom tweets pile up on the screen near the end, Rupert Murdoch appears doing a facepalm – not accidental. The video hits the key message of the Miliband leadership: he’s on your side and will stand up to the vested interests. Better #Milifandom than predators and producers it seems.