Five new MP’s to watch: SNP

The 56 new SNP MP’s are from diverse backgrounds. Here are five of the new faces in Westminster

Energised and frustrated by the perceived lack of representation the 56 SNP MP’s have certainly shook Westminster up. Unlike many of their seasoned political opponents this band of MP’s hail from diverse backgrounds from students to entrepreneurs and actresses, here we introduce you to some of the new voices echoing through Westminster.


  1. Alex Salmond – Gordon

Not entirely a new face in the House of Commons but worthy of a refresher. Alex Salmond was last MP in 1987 and was the former First Minister of Scotland before stepping down after an unsuccessful campaign for Scottish independence. He has been appointed spokesman for Foreign Affairs and with Trident, immigration and the EU referendum hot topics, Salmond will be as vocal and noticeable as ever. His election sparked speculation around contesting the leadership with Angus Robertson which was settled when Roberston was re-elected. However, with Party leader Nicola Sturgeon focusing her attention to the Holyrood elections next May will Alex Salmond begin to reclaim some of the leadership limelight he once held?

  1. Mhairi Black – Paisley and Renfrewshire South

Black became the youngest MP to grace the green seats of the House of Commons since 1667. A 20 year old final year Politics student, Black was amongst those who shook the political landscape after overturning a Labour majority in their safe seat of Paisley and Renfrewshire South and ousting shadow foreign secretary, Douglas Alexander.

  1. Kirsten Oswald – East Renfrewshire

A relative newbie to the SNP ranks, Kirsten joined the party from the Human Resources sector just under a year ago and pulled off one of many shock gains for the SNP snatching the seat of the Scottish Labour Party leader, Jim Murphy that catalysed his resignation. She sat on the committee of her local Women for Independence group. She has been elected as the SNP party’s spokeswoman on Defence.

  1. Tommy Sheppard – Edinburgh East

The former Assistant General Secretary of the Labour Party and founder of the Stand Comedy Club, Tommy Sheppard, was elected in the Edinburgh East area, a “No” heartland during the independence referendum and one of the SNP’s more challenging seats to take. Appointed as the party’s Spokesperson on the Cabinet Office, Sheppard to many will represent a growing number of former Labour supporters shedding the red and donning the yellow of the SNP.

  1. Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh – Ochil & South Perthshire

A Scottish businesswoman, lawyer, screen actress and mother of four – Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh is Scotland’s first female Muslim MP. She is the party’s National Women’s and Equalities Officer and previously stood in last year’s European Parliament elections. Her political interests include issues surrounding welfare and poverty, business growth and equality issues.


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